Howard Martin Confronts his DBS…and He Wins​

Hi Katie,

I just enjoyed the first class very much. 2nd class was also great as John did a great job. I don’t have John Argues email address because I need to thank him for what he did for me after class. If you would forward this to him that would be great.

As I was leaving class I went out the front steps at the same time I was adjusting my DBS (deep brain stimulator) and accidentally hit the off button. I haven’t turned it off early nearly 10 years. Suddenly I became rigid and dizzy. I didn’t fall but I went down to the sidewalk. Not realizing what I’ve done to myself, I suddenly turned into a 92-year-old man. John helped me get up and got me to a bench there on the right-hand side of the building. It took me a minute or two to realize what I had done to myself. As people with PD are not double Tasker’s. John didn’t want to be late for his next activity and left me there on the Park bench to recover. Which was perfect. I checked my settings with my remote control and confirmed what I had done. I turned it on and from my toes, I felt a tingling sensation of the electrical signals going out through my body in 3 to 5 seconds to reach the top my head and zap, I could walk again.

I just wanted to let John know what happened and realize what a marvelous thing DBS is. I walked 2 blocks to my car all without freezing once. All uphill and Singing hallelujah every step of the way.

See you next week and thanks.

Best regards,

Howard Martin

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