Date: Saturday, November 12th
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

PD Active Virtual Ask The Experts Round Table: “Caregiving for PD: Navigating Your Options and Planning for the Future”

In this interactive forum, we will discuss planning for future caregiving needs. We will host 2 professionals and one care partner from PD Active community. Janet Thompson will review range of licensed care community options (independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled care). Veronica Sibley will review in-home care options, geriatric care management, and walk through how to obtain in-home care services. Janelle Reinelt will provide valuable insight from the user and care partner perspective on senior residential living, board and care, assisted living, and memory care. Some of the issues we will discuss are how do you know when it is time to get outside help, how to select a care community or in-home caregiver, costs and how to afford care, making adjustments to your home, suggestions for care partners to tend to own needs while caring for others. Each panelist will present for 20 min, with a brief Q&A after each presentation, then we will open up for general Q&A with PD Active care partner available for questions as well.

Speakers: Janet Thompson, Veronica Sibley and Janelle Reinelt

Janet Thompson
Janet Thompson is Senior Sales Counselor at St. Paul’s Towers, a Covia Life Plan Community. Janet has been in elder living housing sales for 23 years where, as part of the admissions process, she has asked many elders and family members to provide advanced care plans. Certified by the Coalition of Compassionate Care of California, and trainer for The East Bay Conversation Project, Janet has conducted trainings for 8 years for groups of 6 – 40. Janet believes strongly that advance care planning is an important part of one’s personal health responsibility. One memorable couple was designated as each other’s health care agent, and each had moderate dementia – how’s that for planning review? She is here to take us from creating plans at “someday in the future” to “I’ll finish my advanced care plan by the end of the Week!”

Veronica Sibley
Veronica Sibley has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Whitman College and brings over 20 years of experience in the senior living industry. Prior to joining Senior Alternatives, Veronica held several positions as a Regional Sales Manager working for large providers in the industry, most recently leading a sales team at Senior Resource Group. Veronica has great expertise in business development as well as a vast network of contacts in the senior health care industry. She is proficient in Spanish. Veronica resides in San Francisco and has called the Bay Area home for 30+ years.

Janelle Reinelt
Janelle Reinelt is a PD Active member and Care Partner. She is a former professor of performance theory. Her caretaking journey with husband Jerry Hewitt has included independent living, senior residential living, and for Jerry, board and care, assisted living, and memory care over the last five years.

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