The recording is on PD Active’s YouTube channel.

The Gut Microbiome is the community of bugs that live inside the digestive tract. Studies show that the Gut Microbiome in people with PD is different from that in people without PD. Studies also suggest that these differences may contribute to inflammation, constipation, and PD symptoms.

Watch to learn about this fascinating topic as well as learn about an opportunity to participate in an exciting Stanford research study led by Dr. Palushaj. The presentation is available here and the recording is on PD Active’s YouTube channel.

Gut Microbiome and Parkinson’s Disease Research Study- Clinical Trial Participation

Saturday, September 9. In-person in Berkeley. By appointment only.

Researchers will be on hand to answer questions and collect samples. Participation is by appointment only. Enrollment and consent will be done prior to the event. The goal of this study is to learn how the gut microbiome contributes to Parkinson’s disease and associated symptoms so that in the future we can develop gut microbiome-based therapeutics. People with Parkinson’s disease and their spouse/partners are asked to donate blood, mail in a stool sample and to fill out a 20-question survey. Participants will be reimbursed $40 for their time. 

Fill out this form if you’re interested in participating in the clinical trial: HERE.

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