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By and for people with Parkinson's disease


PD Active keeps you moving, offering everything from Yoga to Voice to Boxing. Classes are designed to address PD-specific symptoms.


We have safe and supportive places to share experiences, including PD Support Groups, Care Partner Support Groups, and more.


Become a part of our engaged, active and informed Community, including Speaker Forums and Round Tables.

October Round Table: Speech and Swallowing Challenges with Parkinson’s

Date: Tuesday, October 11th
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm PT
Where: Online

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Programs on the calendar are provided by PD Active and other organizations in the PD Community. Many of the classes and support groups are currently online. See details on our calendar below. More information is on the Support Groups and Classes and Activities pages.


Disclaimer: PD Active is not responsible for the content provided by third party websites. Please keep in mind that PD Active, its board, staff, members and any instructors are not providing health care or treatment recommendations. Information shared or included here is for informational purposes only. You are solely responsible for your own activities, actions, and treatments. If you participate in any classes, pre-recorded videos, or third party websites be aware of your limitations and capabilities.

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