About Us


PD Active is a non-profit organization by and for people with Parkinson’s disease in Berkeley, Oakland, and the East Bay. It was founded by a small group of men and women with Parkinson’s a decade ago and has extended its work to a broader community by providing activities and programs to a growing population affected by PD.

We are a community dedicated to supporting the physical, cognitive and emotional health of people with PD and their loved ones.

  • Fostering independence and dignity
  • Energizing each other to stay informed, engaged, and ACTIVE

PD Active Board of Directors:
Mary Pat Boersma, Suzanne Calpestri, Judi Ettlinger, Norm Frankel, Mike Gabel, Judith Lubman, Adam Mizock, Todd Morrish, Ernie Scosseria, Chad Zucker

The Board of Directors operates as unpaid volunteers.

To become a member of PD Active, please complete our community membership information and registration form.