The PD Active YouTube Channel provides videos of past events including PD Active’s Speaker Forums and Round Table interactive panel discussions. Additionally there are videos of classes designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) including Tai Chi for PD, Neuro-Movement Training, and more. Feel free to comment on videos, like them and share them with your friends and family.

Past Events


There are also many different live-stream exercise and voice classes on the PD Active Movement page here.

PD Active depends on donations to deliver many of our programs to the community free of charge. We remain grateful for your contributions. When you watch videos, please consider making a donation to PD Active at this link.

About PD Active
PD Active seeks to empower you to be active, engaged and informed by offering a wide array of activity programs and educational events. The activity programs are intended to help people with PD. We have supportive places to share experiences and learn from each other, including PD Support Groups, Care Partner Support Groups, and more. Become a part of our engaged, active and informed Community here.

Disclaimer – Not Medical Advice
The information provided on the PD Active website or video recordings is not medical advice. Please keep in mind that PD Active, its board, staff, members and any instructors are not providing health care or treatment recommendations. Information shared at PD Active events or included here is for informational and discussion purposes only. You are solely responsible for your own activities, actions, and treatments. If you participate in any classes (including video recordings), be aware of your limitations and capabilities. PD Active, its employees, instructors, volunteers, members and participants are not responsible or liable for any injury or damages incurred by participating in any of the activities mentioned above. By participating in a class or activity in person or online, you agree to PD Active’s participant waiver. If you do not agree to this waiver, do not participate in the class, activity or event.