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Video recordings of some of PD Active’s events are available on PD Active’s YouTube channel. You can access PD Active’s YouTube channel at this link:

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January Speaker Forum: Nutrition and the Neuroscience of PD

(Saturday, January 9, 2021)
Dr. Laurie Mischley studied naturopathic medicine (ND) at Bastyr University and epidemiology (MPH) and nutritional sciences (PhD) at the University of Washington. Her work is focused on identifying the nutritional requirements unique to individuals with neurodegenerative diseases.

The PD Active live webinar taught about nutrition and the neuroscience of PD. The presentation by Dr. Mischley was followed by discussion and questions from participants. Did you miss the forum or want to revisit it? The recording is available on PD Active’s YouTube channel:

December Round Table with Claire McLean, DPT and Nate Coomer, DPT on “Exercise and Motivation During COVID: Avoiding Depression and Apathy”

(Tuesday, December 8, 2020)
PD Active convened an Ask the Experts Round Table; “Exercise and Motivation During COVID: Avoiding Depression and Apathy” with panelists Claire McLean, DPT and founder of Rogue in Motion and Nate Coomer, DPT and founder of The Daily Dose PD.

The conversation was lively and informative. Did you miss the Round Table or want to revisit it? The recording is available on PD Active’s YouTube channel:

November Forum/Webinar with Dr. Jaimie Henderson on Surgical Options for PD: DBS and Beyond- A Look at Pain and Pain Management

(Saturday, November 14, 2020)
Dr. Henderson is a Professor of Neurosurgery and Neurology at the Stanford University Medical Center. His clinical focuses are Functional Neurosurgery, Movement Disorders, Epilepsy, Neurological Surgery, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Deep Brain Stimulation, and Neuromodulation. He spoke to the PD Active community on “Surgical Options for PD: DBS and Beyond” as well as Chronic Pain and Pain Management.

A recording of Dr. Henderson’s Forum/Webinar is on PD Active’s YouTube Channel:

October Forum/Webinar: Cannabis and the Treatment of Parkinson’s:
Is Anything Known?
with David E. Presti

(Saturday, September 19, 2020)
The medicinal, mind-altering, material, and nutritional qualities of Cannabis have resulted in human relationships with this plant dating back thousands of years. Its complex and unique chemistry has fostered the development of important discoveries in neuroscience. What, if anything, is known about the potential therapeutic effects of Cannabis in the treatment of Parkinson’s. David E. Presti teaches neurobiology and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, where he has been on the faculty in molecular and cell biology for nearly 30 years.

A recording of Dr. Presti’s Forum/Webinar is on PD Active’s YouTube Channel:

August Round Table on DBS: What to Expect and How to Live With It

(Tuesday, August 18, 2020)
This was a free-flowing conversation: Our panelists shared their experiences, and our attendees asked questions on the topic. The session was hosted and moderated by PD Active.
Experienced Community Panel
Karen Garrison (DBS patient)
Mike Gabel (DBS patient)
Amy Scheinbaum (care partner of DBS patient)

A recording of the DBS Round Table is on PD Active’s YouTube Channel:

July Forum/Webinar with Dr. Diviya Kaul on Medications in Parkinson’s Disease

(Saturday, July 11th, 2020)
Diviya Kaul, MD is a Movement Disorders Specialist currently working at Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek. Her webinar about medications in PD was live and there was an opportunity to engage by submitting questions as she presented. This is a condensed version of the slides that were used in her presentation.

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