PD Active Activities of Interest for People with PD

Exercise classes are now available online. Click the link to see our current live-streams and online exercise resources. Below is a list of in-person classes that are suspended until conditions change.  

Dance for PD® at Danspace
Danspace, 473 Hudson St., Oakland

Classes combine elements of modern dance, ballet, social dancing & improvisation to create an enjoyable, stimulating non-pressured artistic experience.  Presented in association with the Mark Morris Dance Group.  Open to all; no dance experience is necessary.

Email or call (510) 420-0920.

Dance for PD® at BBT 
Berkeley Ballet Theater, 1370 Tenth St., Berkeley

Participants are empowered to explore movement and music in ways that are refreshing, enjoyable, stimulating, and creative. Presented in association with the Mark Morris Dance Group. Open to all; no dance experience is necessary.

Email or call (925) 457-8170.

Piedmont Gardens, 110 41st St. at Piedmont Ave., Oakland

Come and join our PD Active chorus, The Tremolos, led by Oakland music teacher and director Lauren Carley.  Learn breath control, pronunciation and new songs; improve your speaking and sing! We have a lot of fun.  Open to all.

Email or call Richard Cox at (510) 526-4539.

Be Heard! (Holistic speechwork for Parkinson’s)
Jewish Community Center of the East Bay – Berkeley Branch, 1414 Walnut St., Berkeley

A full voice class for Parkinson’s taught by Kaitie Ty Warren that includes games, exercises, and tons of breath! Level 1 & Level 2. Play games to sharpen your communication skills, take off the Parkinson’s mask, learn to direct your sound, connect with others, learn to improve your mood by using your voice. Join anytime.

Email or

Yoga for PD
Nest Yoga Studio, 3976 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
The Yoga Room, 2530 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Yoga with Vickie Russell Bell adapted for the needs of the people with PD. Emphasizes breathing and movement fluidity. Balance and relaxation exercises. Open to anyone with PD.

Advanced registration required.
Email or call (510) 479-6119 to let us know your interest and to be contacted when space becomes available.

Be Well: Yoga for PD 
Yoga Kula, 1700 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley – 2nd Floor

Instructor Suzanne Drolet focuses on supporting and strengthening students with PD. She was trained by Vickie Russell Bell and continues as one of her class assistants.

Email or call (510) 846-8814.

Mindful Movement: Yoga, You, and Parkinson’s
This Here Space 1914 Oregon St., Berkeley

Yoga is one of the most beneficial complementary therapies for Parkinson’s disease, helping to increase flexibility, improve posture, loosen tight muscles, build (or rebuild) confidence and through these benefits enhance the quality of life.
Pamela Perry and Aileen Kim, long-term volunteers for PD Active’s Yoga for PD classes, will alternate teaching the class.
This class is not just for people with Parkinson’s–friends, family, caregivers, and anyone else are welcome!

Email or call  (510) 406-1320
Email or call  (510) 658-3699

Chair Yoga for People with PD 
The Yoga Room, 2530 San Pablo Ave., Studio B, Berkeley

Whether you find floor Yoga difficult or uncomfortable, or just prefer sitting in a chair to standing and getting down to the floor — this is the class for you. The class offers yoga movements that target posture, rigidity, slowness of movement, and flexibility. The class taught by Petra Fibrichova includes both mindful breathing practices and breath and body-centered meditation to help counter the effects of stress, anxiety and mood changes often associated with PD.

Email or call (510) 520-4523.

PWR!Moves® (PD Specific Exercise)
The Yoga Room, 2530 San Pablo Ave., Studio B, Berkeley

This class taught by Petra Fibrichova includes strong, aerobic, repetitive movements in sitting, standing and reclining positions to improve flexibility balance and strength. It is designed specifically to push back against the symptoms of PD – postural issues, gait changes, voice camaraderie make the class fun and engaging.

Email or call (510) 520-4523.

PWR! Stations and Gait/Agility Training 
The Yoga Room, 2530 San Pablo Ave., Studio A, Berkeley

This class taught by Petra Fibrichova is based on Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery program (, a functional research-based exercise developed for people affected by Parkinson’s. We start with a vigorous session of seated and standing PWR!Moves® and continue with rotating through PWR! Stations focused on strength and mobility or with a gait/agility training aimed at fall prevention.

Email or call (510) 520-4523.

Parkinson’s Disease & The Art of Moving – The John Argue Method
3990 Harlan Street (off 40th), Bridgecourt Room, Emeryville

*All students must join the Emeryville Senior Center
Have fun while learning Master PD Instructor John Argue’s method of graceful, mindful movement. Learn strategies for calming a tremor, unfreezing, turning safely, getting out of a chair and getting up from a fall. Practice facial expression and speech and vocal skills. This class is appropriate for people of all levels.

Email: or call Debbie (510) 653-8362

Here are some resources, by Master PD Instructor John Argue, that the PD Active community can access on-line.  John continues to be a mentor to many of us who work in the PD community:

  • This is the link rent or purchase the on-line version of John Argue’s book Parkinson’s Disease & The Art of Moving:
    You can also watch the video and exercise along with it.
  • This is the link to purchase the book that accompanies the video : Parkinson’s Disease The Art of Moving:
  • This is the link to purchase and watch, on- line, John Argue’s Parkinson’s Disease and Activities of Daily Living (ADL):

Rock Steady Boxing Albany 
Performance Fitness & MMA, 544 Cleveland Ave., Albany

Rock Steady Boxing is the first program in the country dedicated to using boxing to condition for optimal agility, speed, muscular endurance, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and overall strength to defend against the opponent — Parkinson’s. Coach Daniel Burkhardt teaches exercises varying in purpose and form that share one common trait: they are rigorous and intended to extend the perceived capabilities of the participant.

Email or call (925) 471-5432.

PD Pickleball 
Bushrod Park560 59th Street, Oakland – by tennis courts

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country and, according to The Parkinson’s Foundation, is outstanding therapy for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease” ( ). PD Active is excited to offer the first local Pickleball opportunity for People with Parkinson (PwP).  PwP and their friends and family are welcome to play.  All equipment is provided, and the play is free of charge.  A waiver must be signed to play.

Email before coming to the first time or call (415) 987-1807

ABC Program
The Yoga Room, 2530 San Pablo Ave., Studio A, Berkeley

Activity Block of Classes (ABC) Program consists of 4 separate classes. Participants may attend any or all of the classes. The ABC Program is designed to provide activities that will encourage people at all levels with Parkinson’s to participate. By combining different modalities, a person with PD can get the maximum benefits of these unique approaches to control symptoms and perhaps even slow disease progression. With oversight from the instructors, the activities are adaptable to each person’s individual fitness levels.

Email or call (510) 542-4609. 

Tai Chi for Parkinson’s – ABC Program
This class taught by Otto Dittmer, is a mind-body, low-impact movement practice that has been shown to reduce balance impairments in people with Parkinson’s with additional benefits of improved functional capacity and reduced falls. Research shows that Tai Chi has a beneficial impact on the health of the heart, bones, nerves, muscles, immune system, and the mind.

Be Heard! Voice for Parkinson’s – ABC Program
This class taught by KT Warren, is like a vocal yoga class. Using a blend of vocal and physical exercises based in theater work, qi gong, yoga, and music, Be Heard! weaves a meditative flow to encourage participants to be fully present. Participants energize their voice and develop real-world tools that can be brought outside the classroom, benefiting everyday life and finding joy along the way.

PWR! Moves, Stations and Gait/Agility Training – ABC Program
This class taught by Petra Fibrichova, is based on the Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR) program, a functional research-based exercise program developed for people affected by Parkinson’s ( The class starts with a vigorous session of seated and standing PWR!Moves® and continues with a rotation through PWR! Stations focused on strength and mobility, rhythmic movement, and gait/agility training aimed at fall prevention and balance.

Drumming Circle – ABC Program
This class, led by Jeffrey Mooney, brings together music, vibration, rhythm, and communal energy. The drumming session is a meditative, restorative and energetic way to end the afternoon. No musical experience or training is necessary. Drums will be provided. Drumming helps to generate relaxation and reduce stress. Research has shown that drum circle classes can significantly improve the quality of life in people with PD.

Click here for Calendar & Listings of Local Classes.

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