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By and for people with Parkinson's disease

July 2022 Newsletter

Research assistants from Helen Bronte-Stewart’s Human Motor Control and Neuromodulation Lab, Stanford University will discuss the field of Parkinson’s research and on going clinical trials on
Date: Tuesday, August 9
Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm PT


June 2022 Newsletter

Dave Iverson was 59 when he was diagnosed with PD and a few years later he decided to move back home to care for his 95-year-old mother, Adelaide. Winter Stars is the story of the ten-year journey that followed.
Date: Saturday, June 11
Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm PT


May 2022 Newsletter

Dr. Donna White Carey will interview PD Active Member Deborah Whittle about Parkinson’s disease in the African American community. They will discuss why there are disparities in diagnosis and treatment, and resources for living well with PD on
Date: Thursday, May 5
Time: 6:30pm PT


March 2022 Newsletter

Dr. Salima Brillman, a board-certified neurologist with a fellowship in movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease, is interested in the motor and non-motor aspects of movement disorders. She will speak to us about Movement Problems in PD: Understanding Dyskinesia & Gait, & How to Treat Them on
Date: Saturday, March 12
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm PST.


February 2022 Newsletter

Dr. Soania Mathur, diagnosed with PD at age 27, is a renowned expert on living well with PD. This Forum will be held in a “fireside chat” format discussing questions submitted by attendees on
Date: Saturday, February 12
Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm PST.


January 2022 Newsletter

PD Active will host a discussion with PD Active African American, LatinX and Asian American members on January 11. This kick-off meeting will be an important step as PD Active works toward being a more responsive and inclusive organization and is meeting the needs of everyone in the community.


November 2021 Newsletter

The PD Active Annual Picnic, held Oct. 3 at Live Oak Park, was our first in-person event since the shutdown more than a year ago. Sunny skies, pent up demand for seeing each other and careful planning including attention to COVID safety, made it possible for a group of about 75 to gather, catch up and get energized by being together in person.

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