Date: Saturday, June 11th
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Dave Iverson was 59 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and a few years later he decided to do something he’d never imagined—he moved back home to care for his 95-year-old mother. . Winter Stars is the story of the ten-year journey that followed. 

During his broadcast journalism career, Dave Iverson produced documentary specials for PBS, including two about Parkinson’s disease, the Frontline film My Father, My Brother and Me (2009), and Capturing Grace (2015). He also hosted local NPR/PBS programs at KQED in San Francisco and served as a special correspondent to the PBS NewsHour.  

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Reviews of “Winter Stars”  

“Winter Stars is a gift — a modern classic of frontier literature documenting the uncertain journey into the country of caregiving,” praises Michael J. Fox. “That Dave walked this path while himself living with neurological illness is remarkable, but his story will resonate with everyone who has grappled up close with a parent or loved one’s end of life.”

As America ages, the choice Iverson made is one that millions will soon face. The pandemic’s deadly toll on nursing home residents has prompted more people to think about caring for an aging parent at home. But for those considering that choice, what lies ahead? As Iverson discovered, being a caregiver means you experience anger and joy, loss and love, usually when exhausted and often on the same day. But as he also writes, it’s a choice he’d make again. Winter Stars Link helps illuminate the way forward by offering the intimate story of an elderly mother, an aging son, and life’s final journey.  Michael J. Fox

Dave Iverson on Why He Became a Caregiver… and What He Learned on KQED’s Forum
Journalist Dave Iverson says that there were a lot of things he didn’t know when he made the decision to move in with his 95-year old mother Adelaide in 2004 to take care of her. “I didn’t know that I would be tested in ways I’d never imagined,” he writes in his new memoir, “or rewarded in ways I’d never dreamed.” He also had no idea that Adelaide would live nearly 10 years more, before passing away at age 105. Iverson, a former host of KQED Forum, joins us to talk about the burdens and benefits of caring for a loved one, how America is failing its caregivers, and his new book “Winter Stars: An elderly mother, an aging son, and life’s final journey”.

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