Membership Benefits, Activity Schedule and Application

In addition to Parkinson’s specific classes member benefits include:

1. Exercise classes including Yoga, Tai Chi, Strength Training and more.

2. Activities such as Pickleball, Ping Pong and Pool.

3. Creative art opportunities such as sewing and drawing.

4. Discounted program and event fees.

5. Access to Information & Assistance Specialists, and other senior services.

6. See the North Oakland Senior Center website HERE.

For example, see the summer schedule below.

North Oakland Senior Center Application

Fill out this membership form, print it out and bring it to the North Oakland Senior Center with $12 cash, check or money order. If unable to print, copies will be available on site. No credit cards accepted. For questions, concerns, financial assistance and if you are under the age of 55 years old, contact Cathy at