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By and for people with Parkinson's disease

By Lee Shapiro – 2018

I had a thriving law practice in both Denver and Aspen, Colorado.  I was diagnosed with PD about thirty years ago.  I am slower in activities of daily living. I hate being tied to a clock where I have to take pills every three hours; some of these medications are unpredictable and at times have side effects.  Parkinson’s has impaired my ability to think quickly and remember things.  It has also affected my ability to travel independently.  I cannot drive a car and must rely on other people to get around.

People with Parkinson’s fight each day to battle this insidious disease.  I have been able to accomplish much in spite of the Parkinson’s challenge.  PD Active provides opportunities for people to fight Parkinson’s by using classes such as the excellent yoga class I attend taught by Vicki Bell.

Additionally, I attend “The Art of Moving”, developed by John Argue.  He has retired and yet still seems to show up at Parkinson’s events.  Debbie Sternbach now teaches the class.  I exercise regularly and walk and occasionally job.  I try to do this daily.  I have even been known to go out in wet weather.

In conclusion, while I would never wish that I had PD, many benefits have resulted. I have grown in spite of Parkinson’s.  My relationship with Amy has been crucial in my survival and growth.  We are a team that fights Parkinson’s.

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